The best part working with Luxdone is that they give us the opportunity to build remote Team and scale our business.
It feels like we are building a Team together and having fun along the way. If you are looking for developers I can really recommend Luxdone.

Joakim Olander
Developer at Teamtailor



I consider Luxdone as a very reliable outsourcing development team. We are completely satisfied with the services they provide. The functionality and performance of developed software enable us to achieve our business goals and make plans for perspective.

Jaakko Laurila
Sales Director at Nets

Luxdone is an excellent technical partner in all aspects. Moreover, their work aggressively support business side. Just after first project together we started the next one. They become our long term technical partner. I recommend Luxdone to everyone with high digital aspirations.

Jonas Leth
CEO at Allvåg


Thanks to Luxdone sales tool I managed to hit the record, selling more than anyone else.

What I really liked about Luxdone was their professional take on the task task I have given them. Beeing able to to take my need and make it into a great solution was exactly what I needed.

Gustav Buder
Sales Representative at HärjedalsKök

Luxdone helped us to cover parts of the IT-infrasturucture while we grew from 0 to 1 million users in our app.

The delivery was as good as excepted after hearing from references. Beeing a startup we could not imagine a better IT-partner than Luxdone.

Sammy Ben Abla
CEO at Babaliste