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We are helping Teamtailor scale their tech Team

We hope to build a friendship with our partners that lasts a lifetime. We’ve been scaling Teamtailor tech team since 2017. 

Main technologies: Ruby, Node.js

“The best part of working with Luxdone is that they give us the opportunity to build a remote Team and scale our business.

It feels like we are building a Team together and having fun along the way. If you are looking for developers I can really recommend Luxdone.”

Joakim Olander, Product Team Coach at Teamtailor

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We are helping Shiplink build & scale their IT Team

We’ve been building and scaling Shiplink tech team since 2019. 

Main technologies: PHP,  Vue.js

“Working with previous companies and setups we never felt like anyone solved our problem, which was a partner that could help us with the recruitment and development so that we could focus on developing our business – Luxdone solved that problem for us.

Fredrik Larsson, CEO Shiplink

We helped Karming build their platform from 0 to 2M USD valuation

We built Karming app from the scratch.

Main technologies: Java,  React.js

“Luxdone helped us to develop the whole IT infrastructure while we grew from 0 to 2 million dollars in valuation. 

The delivery was as good as excepted after hearing from references. The best thing was their combination of technical competence and business understanding.

Being a startup we could not imagine a better IT partner than Luxdone.”

Robert Petterson Svenson, Co-founder Karming


We built web app which worked as mobile terminal

We built a mobile terminal web app from the scratch.

Main technologies: Java,  JavaScript

“Luxdone work agile and very fast. They deliver what they promise. We got what we wanted, but on a lower budget than we would get in Sweden.

I definitely recommend companies to work with Luxdone.”

Jaakko Laurila, Partner Director at Nets

We are helping GpsGate scale their IT Team


We’ve been help scaling GpsGate tech team since 2021. 

Main technologies: .NET

So far, the provided resources have been doing a great job of completing projects on time. They’ve also gelled seamlessly with the internal team, allowing for a smooth and collaborative workflow.

Luxdone listens attentively to the client’s needs, enabling them to deliver exactly what’s expected.”

Greg Gut, CTO at GpsGate

We are helping Learnifier scale their IT Team

We’ve been help scaling Learnifier tech team since 2021.

Main technologies: Java, React.js

Luxdone are very good at finding the combination of people with high competence but also have very good personality. The people we have used have been eager, curious and also had relaxed personalities. 

They communicate well and are working hard to understand what they should do to provide the most value.

Jerker Klang, CTO at Learnifier


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