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We scale IT teams easy, fast & affordable.

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Developers tailored to your specific needs

Every developer that works with Luxdone is fully dedicated to your project. We match with you developers that are the best suited.

How it works


1. Technical meeting

We have a technical meeting where we really try to understand what kind of candidate would fit you best. Both technical skills and social skills are priorites of ours.

2. Headhunting starts

When we know which developer to find - we will headhunt that person and make sure that all contracts are taken care of.

3. Ongoing partnership

We take care of everything from equipment, office space, all necessary contracts and social activities. Everything to make sure the partnership is as smooth as possible from all sides.

7 years

We have been doing this for over 7 years!

30+ projects

We have worked with over 30 amazing companies!

100+ developers

Over 100 amazing developers have worked with Luxdone so far!


What they've
said about us

We have ever since the start of our journey focused solely on a long term partnerships that only get better by the year that go by. 

"I would recommend everyone who is looking for developers to work with Luxdone, because they are so great at finding good people."
Joakim Olander
Product Team Coach, Teamtailor
"They recruited the right people and the project has been very successful since."
Fredrik Larsson
CEO, Shiplink
"The best thing was their combination of technical competence and business understanding."
Robert Pettersson Svensson
Co-Founder, Karming
"We got what we wanted, but on a lower budget than we would get in Sweden."
Jaakko Laurila
Partner director, Nets

Let's have a meeting!

We can’t guarantee that we are a perfect fit for you.
But we can guarantee we will know after our meeting.